Polish LNG Conference virtual edition was successfully completed

Polish LNG Conference virtual edition was successfully completed

More than 160 participants watched the fourth edition of the Polish LNG Conference live during an online broadcast, which took place on November 17, 2020. A successful event under the patronage by among others The Ministry of Climate and Environment, Ministry of Infrastructure and NGVA Europe. Traditionally the event gathered the most important representatives of the LNG industry in the country and Europe.

The topics discussed included the future of the development of the LNG sector in Poland, its position in the perspective of the European Union's strategy and the most important legislative issues preventing the wider use of LNG as a fuel for road and sea transport.

During the first session, representatives of the European Commission, Gaz-System, Shell and Remontowa LNG Systems discussed the role of Poland as a gateway to the development of the LNG market in Central and Eastern Europe, also in the context of barriers to further development of gaseous fuels. There was also a bioLNG accent. The directions of development of legal regulations related to this market segment have been thoroughly analyzed by a representative of one of the members of the Polish LNG Platform, SMM Legal.

Legislative issues returned later in the conference. Representatives of Duon, BARTER, Volvo and Epo Trans discussed them on the basis of real business examples. The discussion was preceded by presentations illustrating the importance of the LNG market for cogeneration, as well as a comprehensive description of the LNG regasification process as a source of cooling energy. A detailed summary of technical and legal requirements in the context of legal metrological control of LNG installations was also extremely interesting.

Two sessions were devoted to the importance of LNG as a fuel for road and sea transport. The "road" segment was opened by the presentations of Zukunft ERDGAS, describing the LNG market for trucks on the basis of the experiences of our western neighbors and Epo Trans, during which the scale of investments necessary to obtain the expected benefits was analyzed on the basis of specific data.

The "maritime" segment began with a closer look at the factors determining the pace of development of the Baltic LNG bunker network and the challenges that await this sector in the near future. One of the possible steps was devoted to the second presentation, considering the possibility of creating supply chains based on "ship-to-ship" operations. Of course, a Polish accent could not be missing. In the speech by Gaz-System, the question was asked whether the floating FSRU terminal in Gdańsk Bay will serve as the third pillar of the Northern Gate. Representatives of the Ports of Gdynia, Stockholm and Tallinn also exchanged their experiences, describing the current activities undertaken for the development and popularization of LNG in the Baltic Sea, also in the context of initiatives aimed at increasing the involvement of shipowners.

The need for international cooperation was perhaps one of the most important conclusions of the discussions during the event. The representatives of NGVA Europe, Network LNG Norway and the Polish LNG Platform participating in the discussion agreed that this is one of the key issues for the further development of the LNG market in all sectors discussed at the conference.

The conference organized by the Polish LNG Platform was the fourth edition of the event. It is one of the activities implementing the organization's mission, which is to promote LNG as a new and cleaner fuel for road transport and shipping, and to activate efforts to develop and support the LNG market.

Below you will find a summary of the event. A recording of the conference and the presentations of our speakers are available on the website Konferencja 2020.